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Fast Company is a leading-edge media brand inspiring the future of business through innovation, creativity and design, which is why it’s so important that everything we do is on target and on brand. Brightwell works closely with the Consumer Marketing team on a variety of creative projects that effectively communicate the offer to readers and event-goers by leveraging the brand identity through typography, color and design details.

Marketing Creative, Direct Mail, Print Ads, Online Ads, Publication Design, Email Marketing, Landing and Order Pages, Event Marketing

Meredith magazines include Family Circle and Better Homes and Gardens

“Brightwell can solve any business challenge with great design and integrity. Over the last six years, our collaborations have included everything from small Facebook ad campaigns to the creation of a fully integrated eCommerce platform, with more than a few direct mail and renewal packages in between.  Brightwell’s ability to produce clean creative that honors the Mansueto brands, often under tight deadlines and even tighter budgets, has made them an indispensable resource, trusted advisor and genuine partner.”

A.M. O'Keefe

Consumer Marketing Director

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