Perfect Systems for the Perfect Container Company

Flexcon produces plastic containers, pallets, and dividers customized and “perfected” for the specific needs of manufacturers and distribution centers around the globe. When we began our relationship in 2007, we were tasked with a complete overhaul of its visual identity. Since then, we have worked closely with Flexcon’s team to consistently raise the bar on their sales and marketing tools and present their products in the perfect light.

Identity & Branding, Catalog Design, Print Ads, Marketing Creative, Installation Design (Trade Show)

Meredith magazines include Family Circle and Better Homes and Gardens

“We have been working with Justin and Brightwell for over a decade and couldn’t be more pleased. What stands out for Flexcon is Brightwell’s ability to quickly develop a deep understanding of our products and goals. Brightwell provides results on time and on budget. Brightwell takes us to the next level in so many ways and we highly recommend them to anyone looking to move their marketing and image forward.”
Ken Beckerman


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