Connecting to the home and heart

Meredith’s family of publications include Better Homes and Gardens, Family Circle, Parents, and Shape, just to name a few. Since 2005, we have worked closely with the Agency and Partnership Marketing departments on various projects designed to increase the circulation base for over 15 titles while helping Meredith connect to the women and families it inspires.

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Meredith magazines include Family Circle and Better Homes and Gardens

“I have worked with Chris Drury of Brightwell for over 16 years. He knows the magazine business well and knows how to appeal to my audience. He knows what questions to ask to get a better feel for the project and its objectives. He always has fresh insights and an innovative take on creative and I truly value his opinion and input. Since using Brightwell I have received lots of compliments on my creative projects and have seen a lift in subscription sales.”

Kelly Morell

Senior Agency Manager

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